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Our story...                                                                   We Bring Change...



About Blue Sky Thinking

At Blue sky Thinking,  we believe sky is not the limit and we make you reach the zenith. Using non conventional,  open minded and creative approach to the way we train,  we help bring about a positive and appreciative change.


"Good management consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people"

                                                                                                    - John D. Rockefeller


The best organizations are the ones that believe in investing in their people's development that not only helps the Business survive but also thrive. In today's highly competitive environment to get an edge,  it is imperative in order to tap the full potential of the employees, to continuously enhance their skill set.


We at Blue Sky Thinking support Organisations achieve this basic and yet inevitable aspect to bring about the desired change.  To meet this purpose,  we have designed some non conventional,  open minded and creative Trainings.


Our organization offers a wide range of Trainings such as Communication, Behavioral and Life skills for industries like BPO, KPO, IT, Insurance, Marketing, Brokerage, Management Institutes etc. 

Our Strengths

We ensure the highest quality possible in all that we do - needs analysis, training delivery, consulting, material production and administration.

We provide specifically tailored training and involve our clients in every stage of the design, delivery and review process. Our training methods are interactive and participative and are designed to stimulate and motivate the attendees.

We respond to our clients' needs as quickly as possible and are pro-active wherever we feel we can add value.

Our dealings with clients, suppliers, other business partners and employees are at the highest levels of propriety and professionalism

Trained For:

National Youth Corp : Ministry of Youth and Skills Development - Sri Lanka

National Computer Board (NCB) : Ministry of ICT - Mauritius

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