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Trainings for Corporates:


Communications Trainings:           Life Skills:                                         Support Skills:

Conventional Grammar                        Personality Development                          Customer Service
Universal Grammar                             Presentation Skills                                   Selling Skills
Accent Neutralization                          Emotional Intelligence                              Negotiation Skills
Vocabulary Building                            Team Development                                 Telephone Etiquettes
Fluency Building                                 Anger Management                                 Listening Skills

                                                        Interpersonal Skills                                 e-mail writing

                                                        Conflict Management

                                                        Interview and Interviewing Skills

                                                        Business Etiquettes

                                                        Stress Management

                                                        Time Management

                                                        Diversity & Inclusivity

                                                        Confidence Building




Trainings for Colleges:

Corporate Pathway: is an innovative and cutting edge program which enables students, for a smooth transition from campus to corporate (with requisite skills). It is an employability enhancement program targeted at students, to make them ‘job ready’. This program aims at providing customized training on Effective Communication and Interview Skills along with Personality Development that is essential for campus placements. Emphasis is on Aptitude Testing, Group Discussions and Interview Skills. The workshops can also be specific to the companies visiting the campuses. An extensive course spanning over 125 hours delivered through multiple semesters or in workshop mode for high impact.

English Language Programs : Since all students are at a different level in terms of their individual language skills, it is imperative that they start moving up the language ladder from their particular level of competency. Keeping this in mind, we have designed programs in an increasing order of complexity, starting from the most basic. The students are offered programs that can range from 80 - 180 hours after careful assessment of their existing language proficiency level.